"Man is a meaning seeking creature." Plato

100 books you should read before you are 30 (according to Mr. Morrison)

Is teaching the bible important?

2 sides of the issue : Podcast

PRO: Camille Paglia on Q TV

Paglia defends the teaching of the bible in school as fundamental to knowledge of history, art, drama, English, Philosophy and storytelling.

Quotes from the interview:

"people who've never gone to college, who know the bible, have a better command of Western history than graduates of elite schools...who know very little about the cultural heritage of the West or the East", "the bible can be absorbed as literature without the moral baggage...".

CON: Christopher Hitchens on Q TV

Quotes from the interview:

"...if you want to have power over other human beings the most potent way... is to say you're doing it in God's name... that's been, ever since antiquity, the easiest way of establishing a dictatorship, and the worst dictatorships today are still theocratic ones."


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