"Now is a great time to be studying computer science. New developments in this field are needed in order to fuel advances in almost every area of our lives, from biotechnology to business, and from education to entertainment. Computer scientists have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world." (UofT, 2007)

Here at Banting, the Information Technology department offers courses that cover such topics as video game programming, web design, robotics, digital engineering, hardware, and networks. We strive to provide students with meaningful and exciting learning opportunities in order to prepare tomorrow's leaders for the future!

Information Technology course offerings and descriptions.

Is Info Tech for You?

Inventive and Curious Minds Wanted!

Are you a creative and artistic person? Are you a logical and analytical person? Do you enjoy building and designing? How about problem solving? Whatever your interests and wherever your skills lie, computer studies could be for you!

Information technology has something for everyone because it is applicable to so many different subject areas. Whether you are interested in a career in business, math, engineering, science, art, or graphic design, computer studies provides you with a set of skills that will help you to achieve your goals. In fact, most colleges and universities require students to take at least one first year course in computer science in order to graduate in almost any discipline! Prepare yourself for success by taking one or more of our courses first!

Teachers Currently Teaching Info Tech Courses

Mr. Hilchey teaches the Computer Engineering courses at Banting.

Ms. Young is the Information Technology department leader and teaches the Computer Science courses at Banting. Check out her course related website here.