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How do you find a podcast?  

Google the words you need to see in your results: "Stephen King    interview     podcast". The search yields a TIME podcast with King discussing his 10 longest novels.                       

What is meant by "podcast"?

At its simplest, to podcast is "to (distribute (multimedia files) over the internet for playback on a mobile device or a personal computer)" WordNetWeb 

Multimedia files can be audio or video; can be viewed immediately or downloaded and saved for later convenience; are available as individual files or on a regular broadcast schedule, as with a radio or TV series with a host and theme. A podcasted series can be subscribed to for free and downloaded automatically with an RSS feed.

The files have come to be referred to as podcasts, a mashup of two words: Apple's  "ipod" and the verb "to broadcast". You don't need an ipod to listen to a podcast - podcasts can be accessed from a regular web page by clicking on the Play button.

Why use podcasting in school?

A teacher might use a podcast as an educational tool to add extra dimension to a lesson. A podcast of an author interview might offer students insight into an author's inspiration, and the book's themes, historical context, and stylistic and structural elements.  Podcasting gives you control over what you listen to, and when you listen.

What subjects do podcasts cover?

Everything! Here's a short list of series' titles: Mental Math, Art of Photography, Scientific American, NASA, Wildlife Highlights, Yoga, and my favourites, World Book Club, Big Ideas, and The Age of Persuasion, hosted by Terry O'Reilly.

Are there variations on a podcast?

The Podcast Novel (also known as a Podiobook) is a literary format that combines the concepts of a podcast and an audiobook. Like a traditional novel, a podcast novel is a work of long literary fiction, however this form of novel is recorded into episodes that are delivered over the Internet, usually on a regular basis. Wikipedia Authors Find Their Voice, and Audience, in Podcasts,

What is a podcast aggregator / "podcatcher"?

"A podcatcher is an application you can use to subscribe to podcasts; the podcatcher automatically downloads podcasts as they are posted to a site."

iTunes is the best known podcatcher 

npr (national public radio) is a HUGE podcast directory Search by Genre Search by Channel

Wikipedia list of podcatchers:

TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines make much of their content available by podcast eg. TVO, The Guardian newspaper, TIME magazine, and other online news sources have extensive podcast libraries.

LEARN360 includes Discovery Channel, Reading Rainbow, and all curriculum areas.

How do I make a podcast?

How to Create a Podcast for e-Learning   A simple 7-step process.

Do you want to record your own audio podcast? Go to for instructions in how to record an Audacity sound file. Using a Mac? record with Garageband. Tip: find a good microphone and a quiet spot.

Or, make a video podcast. Follow the simple instructions onPodcastBlaster. You'll need a digital video camera and a computer.

Ultimately: publish your podcast. How? Upload to a podcatcher likePodcast Directory, or Podcast Alley

Ready, Set, Podcast with Apple in Education.

Resource links:

Podcasting Tools, Resource for Podcasting

For EVERYTHING you need to know about podcasting including creating, submitting, and directories, link to

Listen to Podcasts 

Myths of Digital Literacy
Stephen King on his 10 longest novels
Jasper Fforde on Shades of Grey
Markus Zusak on The Book Thief
Meg Rosoff on the Bride's Farewell
Stephen Jay Gould on evolutionary biology

Download free podcasts from iTunes:
Ishmael Beah; Romeo Dallaire; Gwynne Dyer; Roddy Doyle; Hilary Mantel; Yann Martel; David Mitchell; Salman Rushdie; Markus Zusak and many more.