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Athletics - Home of the Marauders!

Banting is rich with competitive teams! Visit each team's page to find out when your team's tryouts begin, and also listen to announcements and keep your eye on the bulletin board outside the double gym.

Here is a summary of the team seasons:

​Fall Season:

Basketball, Girls' Jr./Sr.
Cross Country Running
Flag Footbal, Girls'
Football, Boys' Jr./Sr.
Soccer, Boys' Jr./Sr.
Tennis, Sr.
Volleyball, Boys' Jr./Sr.

Winter Season:

Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding
Badminton, Jr./Sr.
Basketball, Boys' Jr./Sr.
Curling, Boys'/Girls'
Hockey, Boys'/Girls'
Volleyball, Girls' Jr./Sr.

​Spring Season:

Ball Hockey, Girls'/Boys'
Baseball, Boys'
Softball, Girls'
Golf, Boys' Sr.
Rugby, Boys' Jr./Sr.
Rugby, Girls'
Soccer, Girls' Jr./Sr.
Tennis, Jr.
Track & Field
Ultimate Frisbee