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Aid for AIDS
HIV/AIDS has become a worldwide health issue that affects millions of people. This group of students is committed to improving the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. Their goal is to provide support for those in crisis who are impoverished and disabled by HIV/AIDS. They fundraise to provide funds for basic necessities such as housing, ultilities, and health insurance premiums.

Amnesty International
Banting's Amnesty group is a group that raises awareness of Human Rights issues. It is currently in the process of planning Amnesty Unplugged, a music event that encourages social awareness and action. The group's largest undertaking this year has been the organization of a hugely successful letter writing campaign, in which Banting students were encouraged to sign or write letters to the officials of countries holding prisoners of conscience. The group has changed its meeting night from Wednesdays to Tuesdays after school in room 247. New members are always welcome.

Anime Club
Students in Banting's Anime Club share an interest in Japanese animation. This club meets regularly to watch various anime flicks.

Announcement Club
This small group of students is dedicated to reading the morning announcements over the PA system each morning. Their entertaining reading of the annoucements are a great start to every school day.

Athletic Society
Banting's Athletic Society is a large group of students who meet regularly to discuss all athletics-related issues. They also fundraise for Banting's athletics teams. Their Banting spirit wear is very eye-catching and can be bought at different times throughout the school year.

A/V Crew
The AV Crew helps out with assemblies, concerts, theatrical productions and band shows.

Banting has a concert band and a jazz band. The group has previously performed at Banting's Holiday and Remembrance Day assemblies, as well as the music department's Winter Concert.
Staff Contact: Mr. Heeley

Badminton Club
Banting's Badminton Club meets on thursday nights from 6pm - 9pm. No experience is necessary!

Students from grades nine to twelve who enjoy experiencing the outdoors are part of this exciting club. Weekly meetings allow them to prepare for hiking and canoeing in the fall and spring, as well as, winter snowshoeing, camping and indoor climbing. Through these activities a strong feeling of camaraderie is developed while developing outdoor navigation, canoeing, camping and outdoor survival skills. This past fall, a five day canoe trip to the Barron Canyon in Algonquin P.P., as well as, a hike on the Bruce Trail were enjoyed by everyone.
Staff Contact: Ms. Ball, Miss Bailey, Miss Burke and Mr. Owens

Breakfast Club
Banting offers free breakfast for all from 7:30am - 7:55 am each morning before classes start. Typical breakfasts include bagels, donuts, granola bars, and juice!

BSAID is Banting Students Against Impaired Driving. Help raise awareness of the consequences of drinking and driving

Banting has a concert choir and a jazz choir. Banting's choir has previously performed at Banting's Christmas and Remembrance Day assemblies, as well as the music department's Winter Concert. They meet twice a week after school to practice.
Staff Contact: Mr. Heeley

Cine Club
The Cine Club consists of a group of students who share an interest in cinema. They meet every day in room 240 during period 3 to watch movies new and old.

Computers Club
Student in the computers club meet weekly to discuss and learn programming concepts and computer current events that go beyond what is taught in the regular computer courses. They also prepare for programming contests in which teams of programmers must solve a number of problems within a given timeframe. The contest that they typically compete in is the University of Waterloo Canadian Computing Competition.
Staff Contact: Ms. Young

Dance Team
Banting's Dance Team is a group of girls who share a love for dance. They have performed in several of Banting's assemblies.
Staff Contact: Ms. Emerson

Dragonboat Team
A team of 20 paddlers lead by a helmsman and drummer power a half ton, 32 foot dragon boat through a 500 metre race. The team members include male and female students from grades nine to twelve. They organize themselves during May for the Guelph Lake Dragon Boat Festival in early June.
Staff Contact: Mrs. Kay, Mr. Pearson and Mr. Owens

Drama Club
The Drama Club provides an outlet for student creativity! If you enjoy telling stories and making friends, try joining the Drama Club. Each year, the Drama Club produces fantastic plays. Also, if you like to sing or are musically inclined, there are always opportunities to be in musicals.
Staff Contact: Mrs. Phelps and Ms. Olsen

Drum Circle
Banting’s Drum Circle is now in its eleventh year. We play African hand drums, native hand drums, bongos, an ocean drum, and an assortment of small percussion instruments such as shakers, rainsticks, and cowbells. A drum circle is an opportunity to make some music, learn new skills, meet new friends, have some fun, relieve stress, be creative, and express yourself. No experience or instrument is necessary; everyone who comes and participates has something to offer the circle.  The universal language of rhythm expressed on drums and percussion instruments cuts through all ages, sexes, genders, religions, races, and cultures as drummers play in commUNITY. We meet on Thursdays in room 241, from 2:45 to 4 p.m. No instrument or experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome!
Staff Contact: Ms. Hayward

Envirothon Team
Students, in teams of five, who enjoy researching and sharing their expertise about various environmental topics complete against teams from other high schools at both a regional and provincial level. Topics include: forestry, soils, aquatics, wildlife, wildfire, invasive species and park planning. In past years Banting’s teams have done very well at the regional level and have represented the school at the provincial competition in Hamilton, Kingston and Sudbury.
Staff Contact: Mr. Meadley and Mr. Owens

Fine Arts Council
Help showcase the artistic talents of Banting students! Anyone interested is encouraged to join. Among other things, this group helps to plan Banting's annual Fine Arts Night!

Green Team
The Green Team is comprised of both students and staff concerned about keeping the indoor and outdoor environment of the school healthy. Their primary focus is to keep the students and staff of the school well aware of environmental issues and encourage everyone to live in harmony with the Earth. Activities include: weekly recycling and composting, campus clean-up, annual door decorating contest and an environmental awareness assembly.
Staff Contact: Mr. Pearson, Mr. Meadley, Miss Burke, Mrs. Aranha and Mr. Owens
Petition Guide:

Gay/Straight Alliance
The Gay Straight Alliance group exists to help foster understanding and support for lesbian, gay, transgender and bi-sexual youth in our school. We hold regular meetings through the school year and plan a number of special activities to help raise awareness of issues faced by LGBT youth in our community. Our GSA is a safe space for students to meet, socialize and support one another no matter what their sexual identity. Come join us, all are welcome.

Mission Statement:
This is the GSA: the Gay/Straight Alliance. We won't give in and we won't sell out. We are exactly who we want to be; we are unique, beautiful people who care about equal rights for all, regardless of their sexual preference or gender identity.

We're independent, we're strong, and we're loud. We're the new generation and we will not be ignored. We are the future. This is us. We're the colourful, the clever, the bold, the proud. We don't care much for convention or haters. We don't care much for homophobia, racism, sexism, or any other form of hate. We glow in the dark and we dance in the streets. We're the dreamers. We're the doers. We're the ones with the best friends.

We're not all gay and we're not all straight. Just because you're a member of this group, it does not mean you're gay; it means you are against homophobia and transphobia, and are willing to make a stand for equality.

Staff Contact: Mr. Pearson

"What to do if Your Child says, 'I'm gay'." (Summary)
"What to do if Your Child says, 'I'm gay'." (Full Article)

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is a housing program dedicated to building simple, decent, affordable housing for people in need. If you are interested in making the world a better place for low-income families, join Banting's group and pitch in!
Staff Contact: Ms. Olsen and Mrs. Phelps

Highland Dance Team
Highland Dance Club runs year round and any student who likes to dance is encouraged to join. Practices are once each week. Students who participate and learn dances are invited to perfomances for seniors in the community.
Staff Contact: Ms. Milne

Improv Club
The Improv Club consists of a group of students who love drama and who in particular love comedy.
Staff Contact: Ms. Olsen and Mrs. Phelps

As a member of our club you will develop leadership skills, understand the importance of responsibility and promote international awareness and participate in fundraising to support our foster child. Other benefits include learning the importance of serving others, showing respect and developing personal integrity. We meet Thursday afternoons after school in room 143.
Staff Contact: Ms. Storms

Latin Club
Latin students participate in Certamen in both the Fall and Spring. The Spring Certamen is April the first in Kitchener. Students study the prescribed syllabus, including Greek and Roman Mythology, Roman History, Roman Life and Customs and Latin Vocabulary with the English words learned from the Latin.
Staff Contact: Miss McBride

Math Club
The Math Club consists of students who enjoy math and appreciate the beauty of math! Come meet students who share your interest in math. Banting's Mathletes have run several successful bake sales, purchased Math wear, and watched math movies. Listen to the morning announcements for upcoming meetings.
Staff Contact: Ms. St. Pierre

Peer Mediation
This group helps to mediate disagreements between Banting students. Students help other students to resolve their conflicts.

RAK Pack
The RAK Pack is a group of students who are dedicated to doing Random Acts of Kindness around the school and around the community. Pay it forward and join this group!
Staff Contact: Mrs. Cross

Science Olympiad
This club meets regularly to prepare for the science olympiad. Meet other students who share an interest in science.
Staff Contact: Mrs. Dickson

The Banting Sisterhood is a group of female students in grades 9 to 12 who have been meeting once a week to address the issue of female bullying. The membership is voluntary and has a core group of 30 students, with new students coming each week. They talk about ways to support each other and how to deal with female bullying.
Staff Contact: Mrs. Leon

Sketch Club
The Sketch Club runs during lunch periods on various days throughout the year. All students who like to doodle, sketch or draw are encouraged to join. The students' artwork will be displayed on Fine Arts Night.
Staff Contact: Ms. Milne

Spanish Club
Add a little salsa to your life! The Spanish Club meets to give students the opportunity to learn about and experience the Spanish culture and language.
Staff Contact: Mrs. Garber

Students' Council
The Students' Council is the student government at Banting and is elected by the student body. The council represents the students and voices their concerns within the school, as well as runs events that add interest and fun to school life. Such events include pre-registration, dances, spirit weeks, spirit days, Semi-Formal, and much more! The council also allocates funds to the rest of the clubs in the school and holds Council meetings to coordinate what events are going on in the school community. Their ultimate goal is to improve the high school experience for every student and make it worthwhile!
Staff Contact: Mr. Howatson and Mrs. Valentine

UN Simulation
The UN Simulation is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate students about civics, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy.

This group of Banting students share an interest in building things with wood.