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SecondaryParents.jpgResearch has shown that parent involvement is a key indicator of student success. Involvement comes in many forms. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Stay informed by reading the information on our website and subscribing for updates
  • Attend school c​ouncil meetings or consider joining the school council
  • Volunteer at our school
  • Talk to your teen about their day and show interest in what they’re doing at school
  • Explore education-related websites for advice and tips on how to support your teen at home
  • Get to know our school board ​
  • Check our events calendar to stay up to date with the great things happening at our school

Parent Resources 

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook contains a wealth of information about our schools, including assessment dates, report card information, student learning, the Code of Conduct, safety in schools, healthy living tips, technology use and much more.

All About High School

Parents, check out our All About High School resource. It's designed to help you support your teen through the high school years.  A printed copy of the resource is available at the school, or can be mailed to you. Email to request​ a copy.

In addition to graduation requirements, this guide provides an overview of the range of opportunities and support we provide for students, from guidance and career education, to support for student mental health needs.​

Availability of Learn 360 Video Streaming

The Learn 360 service offers targeted curriculum support from a variety of educational video producers such as TVO, Nelvana, PBS, National Geographic to name a few. This service provides a broad range of educational videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video files, and still images for classroom use as well as training sessions for users including videos, PDF and webinars. Students can access this material on the Learn 360 website with the following login information.

User Name: full board email address (e.g.)
Password: Student date of birth (e.g.) YYYY/MM/DD


Parents are encouraged to keep themselves informed of their child's progress. This involves talking to their child each day about their school day. Ask your child about their friends, activities, teachers, and assignments. Not only should parents communicate with their child, but they should also contact their child's teachers every now and then just to touch base. Please remember that each teacher has around ninety students to keep track of, and teachers appreciate it when parents take the initiative to make contact and show interest in their child's education.


Our student attendance has improved this term. Parents/Guardians can play an integral part in improving student attendance and keeping records as accurate as possible by informing the school of student absences prior to the day of an appointment and before noon on the day of an illness. The attendance secretary
has “Extended Absence” forms to record tasks and test due dates during unavoidable extended absences. We recognize there are wonderful opportunities that come your way which may support and enrich your child as a person. By scheduling them outside of school hours, it minimizes the impact on attendance, learning and success.


The transition from elementary school to high school is a critical time in a student's academic career. You can help this transition go more smoothly for your child by being enthusiastic about school and homework. Students may be surprised by the increase in the amount of homework that is expected of them at the secondary school level. Help them complete their homework by providing a quiet study corner in your home and make sure that your child has the paper, calculator, pencils, etc. that they need. Let your child know that they are expected to give their studies genuine effort. Finally, praise your child for their progress and effort and for their academic achievements. Let your child know that you value their education. Ultimately, your child is responsible for their own education.