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Important Message from Mr. Bernardi to ALL Students & Families - Jan.4/2021

Monday, January 4, 2021
Monday, January 4, 2021
Monday, January 11, 2021

(emailed to all students & families, Jan.4/2021 3:50pm)

Good Afternoon Marauders & Families,


The Ministry of Education mandated closure of schools in Ontario taking effect today Monday, January 4, 2021. Schools are to remain closed to students following the Winter Break. Elementary schools are planned to re-open to students on Monday, January 11, 2021. Secondary schools are planned to re-open to students on Monday, January 25, 2021.


During these school closure periods, all classes will pivot to remote learning starting today. Remote learning will be provided for all students in alignment with Policy/Program Memorandum (PPM) No.164: Requirements for Remote Learning


During the next three weeks, Teachers will be teaching students synchronously (learning that happens in real time) as well as providing asynchronous teaching (learning that is not delivered in real time-independent work). Students are expected to be available to learn and participate in their classes the same as if they were at school. Classroom times are equivalent to 300 minutes/day and will typically follow the regular daily school schedule.



The ministry requirements for learning state that attendance must be taken. Each morning at 8:00am teachers will be starting their classes and taking attendance as they normally would do. If your child is not there, they will be marked absent. Attendance will be edited for the afternoon if they join later or do not return. If you know your child will not be present for the live online programming that your teacher has set up please contact the classroom teacher or the BMHS attendance line directly.


Please review the following expectations with your child.


Guidelines for Students:


Please use this link to access your school board student email account

Review the Board’s Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technology Policy; (on SCDSB website)

● Participate in classroom instruction and activities, and follow established rules and routines (e.g., be on time, have learning materials ready, homework completed);

● Be punctual - daily attendance will be taken by the teacher and students who are not on time (as determined by the teacher) will be marked as late;

● Dress appropriately and respectfully. School dress code policies will be in effect; Students should be set up in an appropriate quiet location.

● Respect the privacy of classmates and staff: students are not permitted to record or take screenshots in the classroom environment (in-class or online) without permission. The privacy of all students must be maintained at all times;

● Keep personal login information private - virtual learning environments are intended only for those individuals who have been invited to participate by the classroom teacher;

● Use SCDSB-issued technology for education purposes only. All content including homework, correspondence, project work, downloads and any other documentation are considered to be the intellectual property of the Board; and

● Carefully consider your environment before sharing your camera - a neutral background and a space free from distractions are ideal. Think about what is behind you and what may come into view during the meeting.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in disciplinary action including (but not be limited to): restriction and/or denial of access to the Board’s networks; contacting appropriate legal authorities if there is suspicion of illegal activities; and consequences as outlined in the Board Code of Conduct, (e.g., suspension or expulsion).


Please kindly review the following Guidelines for Parents/Guardians during remote learning:


● The school office must be advised of a late attendance or absence for virtual learners;

● The teacher is the person of authority in the classroom and is responsible for establishing and maintaining class order and management;

● Voicing concerns/feedback about learning content or classroom proceedings using the chat feature or on social media is inappropriate. Any comments should be addressed privately with the teacher;

● Video/audio recording of classroom lessons or taking pictures is strictly forbidden in order to protect the privacy of students and staff; and

● Parents (and any other persons) should not be present in the learning platform. It is not appropriate for parents to be trying to talk with teaching staff during a live class. We want to continue to build independence for students to navigate and problem solve the best they can. Under no circumstance during live teaching will a parent or guardian interrupt the proceeding of the classroom. As outlined in the Education Acts.212(1), ‘it is an offense for any person to willfully interrupt or disquiet the proceedings of a school or class.’ Please contact teaching staff directly with any questions.


Thank-you for all of your support during this time of the extended school closure. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher directly or the main office at 705-435-6288 x0.


Alberto Bernardi, Principal





Banting Memorial High School

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